• Strobel Blind Stitch Machine

"Single thread blind stitch machine "

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VEB 100-1

Extended the limitations of sewing high quality & fashionable lady’s clothing

VEB-100-1 is one such machine under the blind stitch category. This product has minimized the setbacks of sewing high-quality fabrics and fashionable women's apparel. With a sewing speed of 3000 stitches per minute, it surely is the best in the industry.

The blind stitch machine helps in joining two pieces of a cloth in such a way that the thread stitched gets nearly invisible. Commonly used techniques for the generation of a blind stitch is creating a hem or a blind hem stitch, which tends to hide the stitches done on both the sides of the garment. Strobel is from Germany and has about 125 years of experience in creating specialized machines of these types. They are very competent specialists in producing the niche machinery like blind stitch and over edge seam machines. Strobel has a strong presence internationally and Strobel sewing machines cater to garment manufacturers, the shoe industry, the leather and fur processing and the technical textile industries.


  • A vast arm clearance allows comfortable sewing even for seams in sewing areas with difficult access
  • High precision sewing kinematics which do not reach their limits even with elastic and ultra fine fabrics
  • Highest productivity with upto 3000 stitches per minute
  • Perfectly straight sewing even at high speeds

You may chose from a multiple range of VEB 100 variants ,specially configured for your requirements. The modular structure even allows reconfiguration at a later stage in case your requirements are changing.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications - VEB 100-1


Mechanically admissible

Recommended speed



Stitch length 5-8 mm
Top feed Pyramid thoothing/saw thoothing option
Fixed plunger  
Needle plate opening 4.5mm/6mm
Stitch depth regulation Digital optional
Skip stitch with stitch regulation  

Needle system

Needle size

Strobel 1669,Strobel 4669

Nm 60-Nm 90

Support arm Diameter 55mm
Swing away workplate  
Thread trimmer optional
Machine pulley diameter 80mm
Min. motor power 250 W
Stitch type Single thread chain stitch
Required space 0.5m x 1.1m




Product Review

"Need blind stitch machine"

- Mohammad Mohideen, Business owner

Product Review

"Looking for a blind stitch machine for curtains "

- Rahul Gupta, Director

Product Review

"We need blind stitch machine for our bed textile manufacturing. What will be the price per machine for door delivery?"

- Protik Ganguli, Senior Manager

Product Review

"is this machine can be used for stitching sare falls "

- kavitha vadlamudi, boutique

Product Review

"Blind stitch machine"

- Bijoy Bhadra, Urgent
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