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Our Motto

The Paper Products Division at IIGM aims to give refined quality paper products in various forms at affordable prices to the garment industry. The value addition of our products stands by five core principles of quality, consistency, delivery, precision and sustainability. Our experience of 3 decades of supplying cutting equipment has allowed us to develop the prefect paper for your consumption.



Introduction to the Paper Factory

IIGM is a well-established brand across the worlds garment manufacturing hubs, from Egypt, Jordan, Ethopia. Bangladesh to UAE; IIGM provides its clients, a one stop solution for all cutting room solutions. Our products have been in R&D since 2001, through years of experience and commitment for paper products, we bring you the best quality for your production. 

Benefits of using IIGM paper

  • Ensure highest levels of quality
  • Timely supply of these products at your door step 
  • We are competent of supplying-any tailored (size, gauge, cater) product specialized for your cutting room.
  • Our products are designed and supported by experts of automated cutting rooms.
  • We ensure you get the right product required for optimum uses in the most cost effective manner.
  • Our consistency is our commitment to you.

Why choose IIGM

With our technical expertise we could define the most suitable paper required for every automated cutting room for various applications. Considering the competitive environment and with care towards our ecological environment, we are capable of providing customized solutions for paper products. Our manufacturing facility follows strict standards of rolling, packing and raw material purchase as to keep in line with being environmentally friendly.

Our Recognition

Through our extensive line of products ranging from plotter, kraft, perforated kraft, poly, lay film, pattern board, unbleached underlay, tissue paper and many more, we offer you a complete solution. Here are sets of customers who guarantee and stand by our products:


We manufacture as per your requirement and always keep stock of all your consumables at our branches to give you a better service. Our consistency in delivering quality products has allowed us to export and supply domestically to several multinational brands in the garment industry. Our technical team is of assistance to you at any point in time.

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