About ILSA, Italy

ILSA was created in 1978 and since its establishment has specialized in design and construction of equipment for Dry-cleaning and Systems for the care of textiles. It operates in a number of countries through a network of distributors or directly with its affiliates. It is a strong, technologically oriented company with remarkable flexibility in production due to its extraordinary propensity towards innovation. ILSA always succeeded in introducing high-quality products and solutions for the market.

Enrich your professional skills

Innovative, patented cleaning process  is carried out without immersion and without extraction of the load thanks to the injection technique with name “Jet Clean” which ensures quality by respecting materials. It is possible to clean efficaciously and gently even garments ‘at risk’, i.e. Wheeled,coated, resin and garments with several accessories and finishing.

Quality Policy

  • Ensuring that the product quality is maximized to ensure best and utmost customer satisfaction
  • To ensure that customer satisfaction is maximized by elevating the service quality
  • To educate and train the employees for better qualifications
  • To enhance the quality levels of our suppliers
  • To detect the source needs and ensure their
  • optimal use
  • To fully observe the national and domestic
  • laws in the international standards