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How many times has it happened with you that spare parts for your industrial machines are not available in your local spare parts dealer? Or the replacement parts that your mechanic suggests are too expensive? This is why we bring to you the most reliable spares to your doorstep. You can choose to visit our individual stores located in all major cities in India or e-procure them from our online portal. We offer the best original and aftermarket brands at reasonable prices.



Stock Keeping Warehouses in Every Large City and Export Fulfillment

IIGM believes in providing international quality spare parts through our supply chain procurement, stocking, packaging, and delivery. The central warehouse is over one lakh square feet with automated FIFO inventory management systems in place and capability for e-procurement. Our systems are SAP driven to allow you to view our stock in real time or giving us a phone call or by simply logging onto our e-store. We offer a huge range of parts and accessories for the following types of machines irrespective of the brand:

  • Sewing machine needles
  • Plotter spare parts
  • Sewing machine accessories
  • Various types of sewing machines and motors
  • Oil, knives and other consumables for garment factories
  • Electrical busbars
  • Solar cells and cooling systems 
  • Plotters
  • Fabric inspection and fusing machines
  • Material spreading machines
  • Manual and automatic cutting machines
  • Rib, bias and strip cutting machines
  • Needle and x-ray machines
  • Collar and cuff blocking, trimming & notching machines 
  • Placket and pocket preparation machines
  • Industrial washing and drying machines
  • Iron boards and boxes
  • Manual and digital screen printing machines
  • Single and multi-head embroidery machines
  • Chemicals for laundries
  • Attachments, work aids, pullers, folders, binders and many more
Our technical staff is well versed with international exposure to understand your spare part requirement and suggest the best quality for you. Our diverse clientele ranges from small scale single machine units to large multinational manufactures all around the world.

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    IIGM has been an active participant in this expo for many years now. We have exhibited all the newly developed products which have entered the mar...

Brands That Spell Quality


Buy Online

The IIGM e-store was made to help you make your bulk purchases online. We offer a range of products depending on your budget and asset classification. The advantages of registering with us and e-procuring your material are:

  • Highest Discounted Prices Based on Order Quantity
  • Guaranteed Original Quality
  • 24/7 Door Delivery
  • Free Replacement and Return
  • Warranty on All Parts Purchases
  • Bulk Order Purchases
  • Easy Re-ordering Systems
  • Past History Analytics for Your Factory
  • Variety of Brands to Choose From Depending on Your Budget
IIGM works with over 300 reputed suppliers from 40 different countries to ensure consistent and reliable parts are delivered to you. We are on a constant endeavor to increase the speed at which our products move through the supply chain links directly to our customers. Our guarantee in quality has by-far exceed any industrial parts supplier worldwide, keeping your machines running day and night.

We Believe In Asset Care

From the very start, we have strongly believed in the responsible sale of industrial equipment and after sales service. The international standard of trained technical staff and the honours of commitment have given us an undisputed reputation in the industry. Our services are affordable for all large scale and small scale industries. The core technical team is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to keep your production line intact and running.

Serving since 1979 with over 25,000 satisfied customers worldwide

Who: Our services extend from Tailor Shops to Garment Industries, Hospitals, Hotels, Non Apparel Industries, Leather Industries & many more.

What: We provide technical solutions and services.

How: We have over 350 professionally trained service personnel that are technically well versed.

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