About Prima Folder, Italy

We are a young and dynamic company, founded in 2005 and backed by creativity and thirty years of experience of its founding partners in the electronic field of Automation and automatic machine design for Industrial Laundries.
We offer customized solutions for automating Laundry & Home Textile products.

The passion and the commitment of all Prima Folder employees are faced towards the same goals, namely, the implementation of low-energy innovative solutions applied to reliable and robust machines.  

Quality Policy

  • Ensuring that the product quality is maximized to ensure best and utmost customer satisfaction
  • To ensure that customer satisfaction is maximized by elevating the service quality
  • To educate and train the employees for better qualifications
  • To enhance the quality levels of our suppliers
  • To detect the source needs and ensure their
  • optimal use
  • To fully observe the national and domestic
  • laws in the international standards