The Apparel industry in India is one of the most significant core sector of the Indian economy.  It is estimated that the export and domestic turnover of textile and apparel manufacturing in India will reach USD 100 Billion by 2020. Ready made Garments remain the largest contributor to the total textile and apparel exports, while domestic consumption is experiencing exponential growth. IIGM represents the Worlds Most Highly Valued Brands in each core segment of the manufacturing process, to bring customers customized solutions. 

Leather, Heavy Duty Materials & Technical Textiles

Leather and Heavy duty fabrics form an important segment for the manufacture of a variety of sewn products in apparel, bags and industrial applications. These products require special machines in sewing, value addition and finishing. Technical textiles are the new areas in industrial application, which require an applied approach to provide solutions for manufacturing. IIGM through its international partners provides a focused and holistic approach to these industries.

Home Textiles

Home Textiles or Made-ups, as they are known in some parts of the world, is a significant industry which covers Bed linens, Curtains, Table Linen, Carpets and all other products connected with Home fashion. A number of specialized machines used for manufacturing of these products are available in the IIGM stable of products. These machines offer an exciting range of functionalities to enhance the value of Home Textile products. There is also significant Automation available for mass production of some of these items.

Shoe Manufacturing

The Indian Footwear Industry is at the core of the Leather Goods sector in India. India is amongst the foremost producer of hides and skins in the world. Shoes, sandals, slippers and other footwear products require state- of- the art technology at the cutting, sewing and finishing stages of manufacturing. Exports of these products have very exacting demands,  resulting in high quality machines being used to achieve these results. Many International Technology Manufacturers make use of the IIGM platform,  to bring these machines to your doorstep.

Furniture, Upholstery & Automotive Interiors

IIGM offers a comprehensive portfolio of Hardware and Software products and solutions for manufacturers of upholstered Fabric, Leather furniture and Automotive interiors. Maximization of material utilization, minimizing labor requirements, accelerate time to market and meet customer demands for multiple color and style options,  are some of the areas that we offer customized solutions. Our range of sewing equipment vary from basic leather and heavy duty stitching to three dimensional Robotic sewing applications.

Aerospace, Wind & Composites

We offer a specialized portfolio of products for Composite manufacturing technology used in Aerospace, Wind, Automotive, performance Boats and other related industries.CAD/CAM, Templating, Quality measurements, Composite sewing etc. are used to ensure accuracy, optimize productivity, maximize material consumption and minimize labor

Sheet metal, Gasket & Heavy Equipment Fabrication

Laser projection systems make mechanical templates and physical measurements obsolete. Virtek's high precision technology products are used to overcome physical handling of large components in a variety of Industries such as Sheet Metal, Gasket fabrication,Heavy equipment, Mining and Allied industries.

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