Hooks and Bobbins

Our Hooks and Bobbins are available in Original and OEM qualities but both are manufactured by our principal companies following the highest quality standards. We represent all brands of hooks and bobbins in India for all types of sewing machines. Rotary and industrial shuttle hooks and bobbin cases are the key to sewing machine functions. Industrial sewing machines operate at 12,000 revolutions a minute, requiring a robustness that sustains operation as such speeds at 1/1,000 mm precision. 


Original Hook Shuttles and Bobbins

Rotary and industrial shuttle hooks and bobbin cases are the key to sewing machine functions. IIGM OEM manufactures these important parts, which are primarily used in industrial sewing machines used in a wide range of sewing applications. The products of IIGM are known internationally under the “iShark-Mart” brand. IIGM is one of the India’s top 3 brands, reflecting our high reliability. We export about 50% of our products to over 60 countries, from Southeast Asia, China, and Hong Kong to the Near and Middle East, North and South America and Europe.

OEM Hook Shuttles and Bobbins

iSharkMart is an IIGM in-house brand for all types of OEM parts and consumables used in Apparel Machinery.We have global tie-ups with manufacturers producing parts for International brands such as Juki, Brother, Yamato, Pegasus, Jack, Kansai, Eastman etc.Our products are guaranteed for quality and serviceability for good performance and long life, thereby reducing recurring costs. iSharkMart parts represent Quality.

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