Fabric Inspection

Fabric Inspection Machines are designed to check weaving,  knitting defects and shade variations in fabrics. Dimensional accuracy in width and length are also possible. It would allow you to inspect and make necessary markings for Quality Control in the manufacturing process. There are systems available to detect errors in fabrics that are not easily noticeable to the human eye. Most rejections, during and after manufacturing are due to defects, which have escaped the inspection process. 


Ngaishing, HongKong

Ngaishing Development limited is a company that specializes in Garment machinery  that adds value and precision to various types of Apparel. Their distribution networks and service partners cover more than 40 countries, around the world. The head quarters is in Hong Kong and manufacturing facility in Shenzen has a production plant size of 40,000 square meters with an employee strength of over 600 individuals. We sincerely work 'hand in hand' with our customers to constantly improve the future of garment manufacturing.

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c-tex, United Kingdom

We are the custodians of the c-tex brand, known in Apparel manufacturing for   specialized equipment in the cutting room including fabric inspection machines, Shade variation, Imaging systems, Spreading machines etc. Our Technology and Attitude has created one of the most trusted brands in Apparel, with over 1000 installations worldwide. 

XCEL, India

A professional Indian manufacturing company headed by experienced & highly qualified people is associated with the industry since 1994 to provide strategic solutions for setting up garment factories, hospitals, hotels & commercial laundries.

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