Industrial Drying Tumbler

There are several types of drying machines used in modern day facilities. Fixed dryers have manually operated door opening's. All the models are provided with the drum reversing and digital electronic instruments for the control of the times / temperatures of the cycle and can be realized either with steam, or with electric or with gas heating. 



Triveneta, Italy

Triveneta Grandi Impianti srl is a company leader on a world-wide scale in the production of Rotary dryers for industrial Laundries and Dying plants. Founded in 1969, it boasts a thirty-year experience in the production of Rotary Dryers able to satisfy the most demanding of their customers and products. The big range of products (about 70 models) allows the Triveneta Grandi Impianti srl to offer machines also for special treatments for jeans, knitting, hosiery and polar fabric.

XCEL, India

A professional Indian manufacturing company headed by experienced & highly qualified people is associated with the industry since 1994 to provide strategic solutions for setting up garment factories, hospitals, hotels & commercial laundries.

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