About Thermopatch, Netherlands

For 80 years, Thermopatch has positioned itself as an industry leader in development, innovation and manufacturing of Garment Branding solutions. We aim to be a global leader with a clear vision of providing the highest quality Emblems, Transfers and Labelling solutions, through sustainable and energy-efficient manufacturing practices. Our practices will continue to develop and improve to ensure that our offering continuously evolves in line with market changes and customer requirements.

Thermopatch is an international organisation specialising in emblems, transfers and labelling solutions for the past 80 years. Recognised by customers in the hospitality, healthcare, workwear, laundry and sports sectors for our rich expertise, superior service and impeccable quality, we have always prided ourselves on pioneering new technology, new thinking and new solutions. Incorporating ethical practices in our eco-friendly and sustainable strategy for production and logistics distinguishes our global business vision. From the headquarters in Syracuse, New York and the European operations centre in the Netherlands, Thermopatch services over 90 countries and maintains robust standards to compete in the global market place. The vast global network of offices and distributors with local knowledge and skills have enabled Thermopatch to make a lasting impression on the garment branding solutions industry  

Quality Policy

  • Ensuring that the product quality is maximized to ensure best and utmost customer satisfaction
  • To ensure that customer satisfaction is maximized by elevating the service quality
  • To educate and train the employees for better qualifications
  • To enhance the quality levels of our suppliers
  • To detect the source needs and ensure their
  • optimal use
  • To fully observe the national and domestic
  • laws in the international standards