About Imesa, Italy

Imesa is a leading company in the production of Laundry equipment. We achieved this goal, thanks to more than 40 years of total commitment to the continuing challenges to satisfy the growing technological expectation of human beings and   changes in lifestyle. Our Production process quality are certified by UNI EN ISO 9001. We maintain high standards of product safety, reliability and quality backed by the best sales and after sales service.

High Quality Results

IMESA products uses the most modern technologies to assure high quality results. Washing Machines, Tumble dryers, Flatwork and drying ironers are all equipped with the most modern electronic control systems: washing, drying and ironing parameters are always under control to avoid the treated linen is damaged.

High Safety Levels

IMESA products are designed thinking to the end user, in order to assure him the minimum risks and the maximum of ergonomic. All IMESA products keep low noise level and are equipped with the best safety systems.

High Environmental Attention

Attention to environment starts from the products production: the producing process are thought to reduce to the minimum wastes and environmental impact. IMESA products are designed to maintain low energy level and to avoid water and detergent waste.

Quality Policy

  • Ensuring that the product quality is maximized to ensure best and utmost customer satisfaction
  • To ensure that customer satisfaction is maximized by elevating the service quality
  • To educate and train the employees for better qualifications
  • To enhance the quality levels of our suppliers
  • To detect the source needs and ensure their
  • optimal use
  • To fully observe the national and domestic
  • laws in the international standards