Single Head Embroidery

This is Single Head Computerized embroidery machine which do the embroidery as per the design inserted in the machine. This can be 9 Color, 12 color or 15 color machine. These machines are always cylinder bed machine & hence one can do the embroidery on ready made T Shirts or Garments. Also one can do the embroidery in CAP also with the help of CAP Frame. 


Barudan, Japan

In 1959, Barudan invented the world’s first multi-head Embroidery machine in Japan. Since then, Barudan has a number of inventions to its credit, including the world’s first Computerized Muti-head Embroidery machine. Working with their Corporate motto ″Working in Harmony″ Barudan provides its customers with its dependable and reliable Embroidery machines, in multiple configurations.

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