Poly Over Lay Film

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Poly Over Lay Film

Polyfilm is used on auto cutters to hold the vacuum while cutting material. We supply polyfilm rolls of necessary specification & strength suitable for all applications from apparel to cutting of automotive seats.

Our poly film is made to strict standards with uniform gauge & width across the roll to make it durable and economical while ensuring to exact meterage as per the specifications.

Product Details :-

Considering our responsibility towards the environment and ecosystem, we are proficient of supplying biodegradable plastic over lay films. Our ready inventory offers 18~22 microns, 25~50kg, 500~750 meter rolls in HD/LD/Economical/Degradable (eco friendly) in all required sizes.


ROLL G.W +/-3~5%
Poly Paper 80 500 18.00
Poly Paper 90 500 19.00
Poly Paper 92 500 19.00
Poly Paper 96 500 20.00
Poly Paper 80 750 32.00
Poly Paper 90 750 35.00
Poly Paper 92 750 36.00
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