"High stability of shape and very soft wear comfort "

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Single thread roll-padding machine


  • Electronically controlled automatic sewing unit for high-quality and efficient roll-padding of lapels of jackets and coats.
  • With a daily output of 600 to 1050 jackets it meets highest quality requirements: Lapels (u to 63cm) roll padded on this machine have a perfect shape and are absolutely free of twist and pucker.
  • This means high stability of shape and very soft wear comfort.
  • Moreover, the KA-ED is very easy to operate since the individual lapel shape is sensed automatically and accurately.

Technical Specifications

Model KA-ED
Speed mechanically admissible 3000 min-1
recommended rated speed 2800 min-1
Stitch length 6,5 mm
Needle plate opening

6,0 mm

Stitch depth regulation digital

Needle system

Needle size

Strobel 1669, 4669

80 - 100, 65 - 90

Laser positioning Optional
Power consumption 2 X 1040 W
Electricity 190 - 240 V / 50-60 Hz
V-belt profile 10 X 6 mm
Toothed belt profile HTD 5M-9
Toothed belt pulley / machine Z = 38
Tooth belt - wheel carriage Z = 40 - HTD 5M-15-HP
Toothed belt profile HTD 5M-9
Shortest seam 3 cm
Max. lapel length 63 cm
Daily out put (8 h) pair of lapels
Stitch type single thread chain stitch
Recommended thread PES No 120 - 200
Pneumatic connection 5-6 bar
Average air consumption 2 X 245 I/h
Weight without packaging 2 X 158 kg
Operating noise at 1200 min-1 nach DIN 45635-48-1 KL3 LpAm 77 dB(A)
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