"Single thread blind stitch machine for roll hemming "

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VEB 100-4

It's ability to evenly and delicately roll the edges of even the thinnest fabrics


  • Their greatest strength is distinguished by its ability to evenly and delicately roll the edges of even the thinnest fabrics
  • The seam is placed at the edge and its practically invisible
  • It demonstrates its versatility with various folders that allow you to vary the hemming diameter with great precision

If the highest possible roll hemming quality is required when producing skirts, dresses, blouses, silk scarves and pocket squares ,then the VEB 100-4 is the perfect choice

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications - VEB 100-4


Mechanically admissible

Recommended speed



Stitch length 2-5 mm
Top feed Pyramid thoothing/saw thoothing option
Fixed plunger  
Needle plate opening 4.5mm
Stitch depth regulation Digital optional
Skip stitch with stitch regulation 1:02

Needle system

Needle size

Strobel 1669,Strobel 4669

Nm 60-Nm 90

Support arm Diameter 55mm
Roll hemmer

No.1 light-medium fabrics

No.0 Light fabrics optional

No.2 Medium fabrics optional

Curves hemmer optional

Thread trimmer Optional
Machine pulley diameter 80mm
Min. motor power 250 W
Stitch type Single thread chain stitch
Required space 0.5m x 1.1m
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