"Optional equipment is available for spot-tacking leather labels and lapel points of jackets "

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Single thread blindstitch spot tacking machine


  • For blind tacking of woven labels as well as turned-under hems or edges and turned-up trouser bottoms.
  • Different stitch-depth-settings may be memorized and called up individually or in predetermined sequences for operations with different material thicknesses within quick succession (i.e. tacking the waistband lining).
  • Optional equipment is available for spot-tacking leather labels and lapel points of jackets.

Technical Specifications

Model 560-21
Speed mechanically admissible 1800 min-1
recommended rated speed 1600 min-1
Needle plate opening

8,0 mm

4,5 mm optional

6,0 mm optional

10,0 mm optional

Programmable 99 programs 50 tacks each

Needle system

Needle size

Strobel 1717 VRUE

NM 90 - NM 110

Round work-plate


Diameter 26mm / revolving 130 mm

removable work-plate optional
No. of stitches 6,8,10,12,14
Min. motor power 370 W
Toothed belt pulley / machine Z = 38
Toothed belt profile HTD 5M-9
Stitch type Single thread blind stitch spot tacking
Recommended thread PES No 120 - 300
Pneumatic connection 6 bar
Average air consumption 110/h
Required space 0,6m X 1,06m
Operating noise at 1200 min-1 nach DIN 45635-48-1 KL3 LpAm 71 dB(A)
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