Strobel, Germany

125 years of experience in special machines, make us competent specialists in Blind stitch and Over edge seam machines. Strobel is an international leader and an innovative partner in the realization of demanding customer-specific solutions in the field of Blind stitch and Over edge seam. We manufacture simple Blind stitch machines as well as technically complex Special machines. Our machines are supplied to Garment manufacturers, Shoe, Leather, Fur processing and to the Technical textile industry.

VEB 100-1

Extended the limitations of sewing high quality & fashionable lady’s clothing ...

Application: Woven

VEB 100-2

It sizes up cross seams for sewing without marks or impressions ...

Application: Woven

VEB 100-2W

The new VEB 100 series being the entry into the legendary storbel world has been developed and is manufactured by the Bavari...

Application: Woven

VEB 100-3

The new plunger system allows to compensate the change of thickness free of marks ...

Application: Woven

VEB 100-4

It's ability to evenly and delicately roll the edges of even the thinnest fabrics ...

Application: Woven

VEB 100-5

The seam has the elegant look of a tailor made hand stitch seam Our solution for visible seams in half lined jackets. Fun...

Application: Woven

VEB 100-6

Fusible tapes coated on one side can be attached to jacket. Even with the VEB 100-6 we were able to implement our new modula...

Application: Woven

VEB 100-7

Fabric strips are cut, folded into belt loops, blind stitched and pressed in a fully automatic process. Decades of experi...

Application: Woven


Two thread felling machine for under-collars ...

Application: Two-thread blindstitch


Two thread lining felling machine ...

Application: Two-thread lining


Two thread felling machine for half-lined jackets ...

Application: For half-lined jackets


Two thread felling machine for sleeve lining ...

Application: For sleeve lining


Two thread felling machine for linings ...

Application: For linings


Single thread blindstitch spot tacking machine ...

Application: Spot taking


Single thread blindstitch spot tacking machine ...

Application: Spot taking


Roll-padding and chest piece machine ...

Application: For rollpadding & chestpiece


Single thread roll-padding machine ...

Application: For rollpadding


Single thread bluff edge blindstitch machines ...

Application: For bluff edge


Single thread bluff edge blindstitch machine ...

Application: For bluff edge


Single thread blindstitch attaching machine ...

Application: Attaching machine
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