"The permanent magnet which using in the detecting area can be used for a long time "

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HN-450, Table Top

Table top needle detector


  • HN-450 is the new type needle detector which is developed from former needle detectors.
  • All of switch are one-touch style (soft-touch) and convexity part on the surface are cleared away.
  • As indicator on control panel is indicating the position of broken needles, it is easy to find broken needles.
  • As detecting adjustment can be changed by 6 steps, it is easy to adjust in accordance with the sizes and kinds of accessories.
  • As HN-450 is made by special structure , it can be used on the steel table or operation table.
  • The permanent magnet which using in the detecting area can be used for a long time.

Technical Specifications

Model HN-450
Detection method Magnetic induction
Detection sensitivity Max 110m height by steel needle (Ø0.6XL33)
Detection adjustment 6 step
Alarm method Buzzer
Detection width 80mmX450mm
Power source Single phase
Rated output (appr.) 25W
Dimension 400(L) X 680(W) X 70(H)mm
Weight (appr.) 11kg
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