"Precise detection by original designed sensor "

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HM-6000/8000, Conveyor Type Needle Detector

Conveyor type needle detector


  • Detection for all metal - Any metallic foreign object can be detected regardless of kinds of metal.
  • Precise detection by original designed sensor - Achieved precise & accurate detection by original designed sensor.
  • Display metal phase angle on the monitor - Depending on the metal, display different metal phase angle.
  • Large-sized LCD - By blue LCD has provided the visibility and operatively.
  • Precise sensitivity adjustment - There are 100 steps sensitivity adjustment, and the best sensitivity can be set for the respective items.
  • Peak hold function - Detecting level will be hold at peak.
  • Conveyor reverse function - Conveyor belt will be reversed after detection.
  • Optional software - Option software will be helped for the products inspection smoothly.

Technical Specifications

Model HN-6000, 8000
Detection method Electric induction system
Sensitivity adjustment 100 steps
Alarm method Alarm & lamp
Detection width 600mm (HM-6000) / 800mm (HM-8000)
Detection height 100mm (standard)
Power supply 100V / Single phase
Rated output 140W
Dimension 1600(L) X 1050(W) X 920(H)mm (HM-6000)
Weight 250kg (HM-6000)

Product Review

"Needle detector machine Height 300mm sensitivity 1.2mm"

- MANJEET SINGH, Assistant maneger

Product Review

"we need metal dedector "

- MANOJ MITTAL, Sr Manager stores & purchase

Product Review

"Need prize Lead time of delivery"

- Naveen Gowda, QAM

Product Review

"Please send me a quote for the HM-6000/8000 Conveyor needle detecting machine. Looking for 1 machine."

- Gaurav Suri, Manager
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