"Innovative sensor checking system by AutoChecker for saving time "

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HN-2870C / HN-2780G, Twin Head Conveyor

Twin head conveyor type needle detector


  • Printer -  It can print the inspection record and counter result.
  • Product guider - It is an optional equipment on HN-870C, 2870C.
  • Auto PreChecker - makes sensor checking more accurate and quicker. By using Precheck bar (specialized test block) & system, you do not need to check each coil one by one, the system checks sensors automatically.
  • New global standard, detect f0.8mm ferrous ball by 120mm sensor height.
  • Innovative sensor checking system by Auto PreChecker for saving your time.
  • Ability for detection of foreign object is upgraded by new developed search coils and optimizing magnet position.
  • Catch 0.8mm ferrous ball by 120mm height sensor
  • Enlarged sensitivity equality
  • Large sized LCD
  • Needle position indication
  • Foot switch and restart function
  • Product counter
  • Conveyor speed changing function


Technical Specifications

Model HN-2870C HN-2780G
Detection method Magnetic induction system
Detection ability Fe 0.8Ømm sphere or above
Detection levels 100 levels
Detection width 600mm
Detection height 120mm 100mm
Alarm method Buzzer and position lamp
Belt speed 40m / min
Power source 110V / 220V
Rated output 140W
Dimensions 2450(L) X 1080(W) X 930(H)mm
Weight 360kg
Product guider Option Standard
Counter Standard
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