Eastman, USA

Eastman Machine Company is a Cutting machine manufacturer, providing custom engineered solutions and innovative technologies for a variety of industries. Eastman offers these industries the widest range of Classic, hand-held and manually-operated fabric cutting machines manufactured with the highest quality materials, built to precise specifications and subject to rigorous testing. Eastman's line of cutting systems have been setting the standard for over a century. Eastman has a solution for virtually every cutting process.

Brute® 627X

 With a super efficient and extra powerful motor, the Eastman 627X Brute straight knife machine is designed to cut the ...

Application: Cutting layers of fabric

Blue Streak II ® 629X

With versatility unmatched by any other straight knife, the 629X Blue Streak II is the obvious choice when one cloth cutting...

Application: Cutting layers of fabric

Layer Cutting (EC-3NL, EC-6NL, EC-9NL)

Features most reliable end cutting from Japan Cutting Head - Motorised cutting head Cutting - Hand / long handle (or...

Application: All types of fabric

Band Knives EC-700N- EC-900N

The following features make this Eastman band knife stand out from the rest:   ...

Application: Cutting All types of Fabrics


The Chickadee™ is the smallest rotary shear available and is the perfect upgrade to, or replacement for, hand held she...

Application: Cutting All types of Fabrics

Long Handle Chickadee™ D2H

The Long Handled Chickadee has all the features of the standard D2 model. In addition to a long handle and a remote power sw...

Application: Cutting All types of Fabrics


This Cardinal® model 548 is featured with the Eastman Plastic Master™ cooling/moistening attachment combined with ...

Application: Cutting All types of Fabrics

Super Duty Slitting Machine - 562BK - 567BK

The Heavy Duty and Super Duty round knife machines can easily cut through up to eighty durometer rubber as well as plastic s...

Application: Cutting All types of Fabrics

Super Duty Cardinal® 567

Super-duty Cutting for Lays up to 4.75 inches The Cardinal® model 567, Eastman's most powerful round knife, is eq...

Application: Cutting All types of Fabrics

Heavy Duty Cardinal® 562

The Heavy Duty Cardinal® offers a heavy duty motor to provide increased torque and blade speed making it ideal for most ...

Application: Cutting All types of Fabrics

Standard Cardinal® 548

The Cardinal® model 548 is our most commonly used round knife machine.It is available in a number of different blade siz...

Application: Cutting All types of Fabrics

Hot Cloth Drill - CD3H

The Hot Cloth drill leaves identifiable marks on loosely woven or knit fabrics, where an ordinary drill mark would not be de...

Application: Knits and Wovens

Hot Notcher HVN

The Hot Notcher is a multi-purpose tool used for marking and temporarily fusing loosely woven fabrics which can ensure preci...

Application: Loosely woven fabrics

Threadmarker LTM

The Threadmarker is a dual use machine that provides a substitute method of short-term marking when a permanent mark is not ...

Application: For marking

Magnum Punch Perforator - MP2

The Eastman Magnum Punch Perforator cuts four clean holes per inch (2.54 cm) through up to five thicknesses of paper.Punchin...

Application: Perforating Paper


Manual Cutting Machine ...

Application: shirts
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