"Perforating Layers of Paper "

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Magnum Punch Perforator - MP2

The Eastman Magnum Punch Perforator cuts four clean holes per inch (2.54 cm) through up to five thicknesses of paper.Punching strength is easily adjusted to accommodate various needs; a single switch allows the operator to free wheel without punching, single or continuous punch mode.


Available in three punch sizes

Full line of pattern powder available in various colors to suit any type of patterned fabric

Sewing Accuracy

Simplified marking of pattern outline onto material

Accurate tracing of patterns that can be improved further when the optional rubber lay pad is chosen


Simple adjustability of punch strength, for penetration on all weights of pattern stock


Built with the highest grade materials available

Rubber lay pad available to prolong the life of the punch

Technical Specifications

Magnum Punch Perforator Technical Specifications
Motors 110v, 1ph, 50/60Hz 220v, 1ph or 3ph, 50/60Hz
Weight 8 lbs. (3.63 kg)  
Standard Features Single Punch Trigger  
Mark Diameter   English Metric
  1/16in. 1.59mm
  3/32 in. 2.38mm
  1/8 in. 3.18mm

Product Review

"We are looking for jute fabric cutting machine. It should have 3 different job capacity in one shot."

- Rajneesh, QA
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