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Band Knives EC-700N- EC-900N

The following features make this Eastman band knife stand out from the rest:


  • Variable speed provided by unique inverter control adapts cutting to every type of materiaI.
  • Speed can easily be changed by touch panel.
  • Digital read-out of knife speed, easily adjustable to suit various cutting requirements.
  • Touch panel with digital display is built into work-table for maximum ease of operation.
  • Very low vibration and noise levels achieved by compact, light design of machine and hi-tech engineering.
  • New tension control mechanism assures proper knife tension.
  • Ball nozzle type airflow work table is standard equipment.
  • Casters make machines easily movable.
  • Inverter circuit has self-detector which shows display error message when overloaded.

Technical Specifications

  • Variable speed with inverter motor
  • Ball nozzle airflow work table
  • Automatic Sharpening device
  • Knife cooling silicon pad
  • Knife speed digital display
 Specs EC-700N EC-900N
TABLE SIZE 1500*1800mm 1500*2100mm
TABLE HEIGHT 720-790mm 720-790mm
ARM SIZE 700mm 900mm
SPEED CONTROL 570m/min-1140m/min 570m/min-1140m/min
MACHINE WEIGHT 280kgs 300kgs
KNIFTE SIZE 0.45*10*3500mm 0.45*10*3960mm
MOTOR 220V175W 220V750W
BLOWER MOTOR 220V180W 220V180W
DIMENSIONSmm 1640(L)X940(W)X1980(H) 2210(L)X940(W)X1980(H)

Product Review

"i need the price of this machine"

- Hamissa, kigali

Product Review

"Need machine "

- V, Manager

Product Review

"Intructions band Knives Eastman Model : EC-700N Thanks & Brg."

- Mr Hai, band knives Eastman - EC-700N

Product Review

"Need cutting &folding machine "

- Rajesh kanna, Business

Product Review

"Pls send me brand new machine price for EC-900N"

- Tareq, Asst Manager

Product Review

"Interest,how much "

- Dhanesh Kv, Md

Product Review

"Good evening sir.I want fabric cutting plz send me details."

- Vijitha reddy , Lecturer

Product Review

"Please contact"

- Venkateshn, Factory manager

Product Review

"I want machine price "

- Shankar, Tech

Product Review

"Want to purchase Band knife"

- Ramesh, operation head

Product Review

"Call us"

- Ankur, Owner

Product Review

"Hi, Need quotation for Round Band Knife Machine, 0.45 x 10.0 x 2450 table size 800 x 1200."

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