"Round knives were invented in America  "

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This Cardinal® model 548 is featured with the Eastman Plastic Master™ cooling/moistening attachment combined with a special notched blade. Together they reduce friction and heat, which eliminates the fusing of temperature sensitive materials. The Plastic Master adapts to all Cardinal® series round knives. All Eastman machines are built with the highest grade materials available.


Elimination of Fusing

Reducing of heat build-up via the moistening attachment that coats the blade with cooling lubricant removes residue
Ability to reduce speed to eliminate fusing, provided by the dual speed option


Eliminates cutting distortion due to the narrow silhouette standard, extremely low base plate


Vibration-free cutting with smooth and easy maneuverability


Simple handling of the machine due to its low center of gravity. Single-hand engaging of power supply via the Patented Uni-Safe Terminal Block and Attachment Plug

Technical Specifications

  Plastic Master Technical Specifications
Motors 110v, 1ph: Available, 220v, 1ph: Available, 220v, 3ph: Available
Single Speed Standard
Dual Speed Not Available
Blade Types Carbon Steel: Standard, Double Bevel: Available, Grooved: Optional, High Speed Steel: Optional, PTFE Coated: Available, Slotted: Optional
Weight English: 21 lbs, Metric: 9.52 kg.
Horsepower .34hp, 1ph; .48 hp, 3ph
Blade Size English: 4", 5.25", 6", Metric: 10.2, 13.3, 15.2 cm
Cutting Capacity English: 2.125", 3.125", 3.5", Metric: 5.40, 7.95, 8.89 cm
Sharpener Stone Grits 120 Heavy: Available, 150 Medium: Available, 220 Fine: Available
Permanent Magnet No
Knife Lubricator No
Strip Gauge No
Extension Handle No

Product Review

"Is this fabric cutting machine because I have cloth manufacturing factory that's the reason"

- Faiyaz Ansari, Manufacturing

Product Review

"Cutting machine "

- Mohd ajim, Ok

Product Review


- Yuvaraj, Self employed
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