Busbar Power Distribution Systems

Busbar Trunking System or Electrical Busbar System was first introduced in America in the 1930’s to meet the needs of the high-rise buildings and the changing production technologies in factories. EAE Elektrik A.Ş. started the production and use of busbar trunking systems in Turkey in 1970. Busbars are modular, easy to install, highly safe and reliable when compared to traditional cabling for distribution of power. EAE products are exported to 41 countries all over the world, and they fulfill all quality standards including ISO 9001 and  ISO 14001. All EAE products are tested and certified by several independent test laboratories including KEMA and CESI and many others.

The busbar trunking system was first introduced in America in the 1930s to meet the needs of the high rise buildings and the changing production techn

E-LINE KX range Compact Busbar Systems is the newest product in the “E-LINE Busbar Group” containing new technology it complimen

E-LINE KB Range Compact Busbar Systems are used for vertical and horizontal distribution and transmission of energy in facilities where large amo

ELINE CR Series user between switch boards & transformer galleries. ELINE-CR Cast Resin Busbars with IP 68 protection if manufactured with

“E-Line KO II Series” are medium range Air-Insulated busbar systems to provide suitabl

E-LINE MK busbars are small power range busbar systems which provide flexible and cost-effective solutions for the transmission and distribu

ELINE KAP Series are small power range busbar systems.energy needs of small enterprises powering small machines, sewing machines , hand and machine to

E-LINE KAM Series Busbar Systems" has been designed to feed lighting fixtures. It can be used to supply power to industrial or decorative di

ELINE DL series are designed to feed luminaries, the independent double circuit in the same enclosure provides power for both mains and for emergency