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E-LINE KX range Compact Busbar Systems is the newest product in the “E-LINE Busbar Group” containing new technology it compliments the KB Series which is a well established product and proven over a number of years.

E-LINE KX Series Compact Busbar Systems shall have "Sandwich - Compact" structure and  are used for vertical / horizontal distribution and transmission of power in facilities for high power applications (plug-in or bolt-on type)

The KX range can also be used in the areas of facilities and buildings for power transmission where tap offs are not required.


Advantages of E-Line KX Compact Busbar

  • High short circuit endurance due to compact construction
  • Low voltage drop in comparison to cable systems
  • Special alloy metal enclosure provides higher mechanical strength and causes less electromagnetic interference.
  • Better Heat dissipation.
  • High resistance to fire as per IEC 60331
  • Seismic resistance
  • Ingress Protection Degree (IP55 , IP65 and IP67 optional)
  • Mylar with Thermoset Epoxy coated  ( Insulating materials retaining current carrying parts can withstand 960dgree centi)
  • Single - bolt joint construction.
  • Requires less space in comparison to cable systems
  • Ability to supply energy either from joints or from the tap-off points.

Technical Features

  • Current ratings for KX Aluminium conductor series : 400A / 500A /630A / 800A / 1000A / 1250A / 1350A / 1600A / 2000A / 2500A /3000A / 3200A / 4000A / 5000A
  • Current ratings for KX Copper conductor series: 550A / 650A / 800A / 1000A / 1250A / 1350A / 1600A / 2000A /2250A/ 2500A / 3300A /3600A/ 4000A /4250A/ 5000A/ 6300A
  • All busbars are designed and manufactured as per IEC 61439-6.
  • EAE busbar shall have CE marking.
  • Busbar shall have ISO CERTIFICATION - ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • Ingress Protection Degree (IP55 , IP65 and IP67 optional)
  • Nominal insulation voltage shall be 1000V.
  • 2.5mm thick Extruded Aluminium housing
  • 4, 4.5 or 5 conductors.
  • Clean earth optional

Different Types to suit various applications.

  • Plug-in type (Standard 2 plug-in outlets on each 300 cm length)
  • Bolt-on type (outlets only at joint)
  • Plug-in window number can be increased optionally.
  • For aluminium conductors 1000A and above, for copper conductors 1250A and above busbar range have plug-in Windows at both sides.

Tap Off Boxes

  • Plug-in Tap off box shall have electro- mechanical safety interlock system.
  • 160A, 250A, 400A and 630A availabe in plug-in or bolt-on type tap-off boxes (with Fused switch or suitable to MCCB) (Empty or with MCCB)
  • 800A and 1000A available in bolt-on type tap-off boxes (suitable toMCCB)(empty or with MCCB)


  • Production areas in factories
  • Textile factories
  • Iron-steel and Industrial glass factories
  • Automotive and automotive sub-industries
  • Malls
  • Exhibition areas
  • High rise buildings
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Business Centres
  • Oil&Gas Factories
  • Data Centres

Product Review

"Requirement of BBT 2500A , 1250A Air insulated with tap off boxes"

- Boominatahan, Sr Manager Projects
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