Fit-Out Solutions

It provides flexible and modular solutions with illumination and socket (Mains and UPS) circuits for small power distribution in offices and plants. In offices it is designed to be used - Under the raised floor, In the screed, On skirting boards or walls and In the suspended ceilings.  

E-LINE FLD Indoor Busbar Trunking Systems provides for offices aesthetic, safe, practical and flexible solutions eliminating cable mess. E-Line FL/FLD

E-Line DL group Busbar Systems are used in buildings and industrial plants on lighting and socket circuits where 25A, 32A or 40A Three-phase or Single

Power and data requirements which increase rapidly in all kinds of plants, worksites and living areas today show themselves in the new building design

DABLINE busbar systems, which has different color options, is used for raised floor applications in offices. Small size of DABLINE makes it possible t