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Industrial Washing Machine G1 LW1 130/325/420/510

The very latest of its generation and an LCD TFT touch screen. Tonello software works to optimize the machine’s functions and enables the programming of a larger number of automatic programmes. Using a USB stick, it’s possible to transfer recipes between the various machines and, thanks to an Ethernet network connection; the entire process can be controlled from a main computer in the office.


  • An innovative and flexible range and a good alternative to the classic ‘Compact’ version, sold all over the world.
  • The principal innovation is a reduction in size and water consumption.
  • Adapted to carry out any type of wash (stone-wash, bleach, etc) and a variety of garment finishing, they are particularly well-suited to the treatment of jeans, and are equipped with a basket with special beaters that speed up the process while at the same time guaranteeing uniform results every time.
  • Equipped with a pre-extractor.


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One year from the date of invoice

Product Review

"we are interested in Tonello machines for our new Garment dyeing machines need more details pls contact us"

- kumar, GM

Product Review

"require quotation for industrial washing machine/dryer"

- mahadeva kumar, officer purchase
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