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Industrial Washing Machine G1 HW1 130/200/325/420/510

It is the very latest of its generation, and an LCD TFT touch screen. Tonello software works to optimize the machine’s functions and enables the programming of a larger number of automatic programmes.

Using a USB stick, it’s possible to transfer recipes between the various machines and, thanks to an Ethernet network connection; the entire process can be controlled from a main computer in the office.



  • An innovative and flexible range and a good alternative to the classic ‘Compact’ version, sold all over the world.
  • The principal innovations are the balancing system and reduction in size and water consumption.
  • Adapted to carry out any type of wash (stone-wash, bleach, etc) and a variety of garment finishings.
  • They are particularly well-suited to the treatment of jeans, and are equipped with a basket with special beaters that speed up the process while at the same time guaranteeing uniform results every time.
  • Equipped with a high-speed extractor.


Technical Specifications 


One year from the date of invoice

Product Review

"Please assist we are looking for fully automated washing machines for detergent washing of overalls and work wear.Machines should have ectraction as well"

- Krish pillay, Laundry manager

Product Review

"Hi, Please forward me the local office address and contact person of your Bangladesh office. Because we are going to start a project of 50000 pcs/ day wash plant. we need some washing and dyeing machine with technical support. Thanks maruf"

- maruf, gm
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