"Conical Shape Drum to work with Low Liquor Ratio. "

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Industrial Washing Machine G1 70LW, LW1

Tonello software works to optimize the machine’s functions and enables the programming of a larger number of automatic programmes. Using a USB stick, it’s possible to transfer recipes between the various machines and, thanks to an Ethernet network connection, the entire process can be controlled from a main computer in the office.


  • Recommended for the sampling of various washing processes (stone wash, enzymes washes, bleach, etc).
  • The range has been studied and developed in order to obtain the same effect as the production machine (liquor ratio=mechanical action=result).
  • There are 2 models in the range: LW and LW1. The LW1 is equipped with basket that has a smaller diameter, thus significantly reducing the minimum load while maintaining the liquor ratio.
  • Equipped with a pre-extractor.

Technical Specifications

MODEL G1 70LW G1 70LW1
Cylinder volume (1) 700 565
Cylinder diameter (mm) 1323 1323
Cylinder depth (mm) 510 510
Variable speed (rpm) 3/200 3/200
Installed power (kw) 6,6 6,5
Height (mm) 2190 2190
Width (mm) 2100 2100
Depth (mm) 1210 1210




One year from the date of invoice

Product Review

"Required for the garment made from acrylic yarn polyester yarn nylon yarn"

- Raman, Managing director
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