"Designed for the treatment of polyester fabric roll "

Purchase Protection Plan

Industrial Dryer MOD. T/50-T/75-T/100-T/125

The Tumblers produced by Triveneta Grandi Impianti are the will to always find the right solution for our customers, in conformity with the regulations in force


  • Thanks to the steam injection and to the application of an inverter for the regulation of the drum revolutions you can get a polar fleece effect on the fabric.
  • These special treatments can be applied also on terry fabric, knitted velour, hosiery and for the thermal shrinkage of micro fiber garments like stocking and socks.
  • The tumblers can be equipped with a special drum separator made in stainless steel, which allows the treatment of two rolls of fabric at a time, avoiding their twisting.
  • On request the machines can be made completely in stainless steel.

Technical Data

Model T 50 T 75 T 100 T 125
Height mm 2.045 mm 2.225 mm 2.550 mm 2.550
Width mm 1.425 mm 1.620 mm 1.790 mm 1.790
Depth mm 1.660 mm 1.840 mm 1.950 mm 2.200
Capacity R. 1:25 Kg 37 Kg 59 Kg 80 Kg 96
Capacity R 1:30 Kg 31 Kg 49 Kg 66 Kg 80

Steam heating

Kg/h 100/130 Kg/h 150/180 Kg/h 180/200 Kg/h 230/250
Gas heating KCal/h 65.000 KCal/h 100.000 KCal/h 140.000 KCal/h 170.000


One year from the date of invoice

Product Review

" Machine Maintenance & Spare parts catalog required for ordering of parts Trivenete steam dryer model T/50 v"

- ishtiaq ahmed, manager mechanical maintenance
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