"All RR models can be realized either with steam or with gas or with diathermic oil heating "

Purchase Protection Plan

Industrial Dryer E/200/250/300

The machines are completely faired and provided with some safety devices according to the CE regulations in force


  • All the models are provided with some digital electronic instruments for the control of the times and of the temperatures of the cycle.
  • The dryers mod. 200/250/350 RR are double tilting, as they tilt backwards to facilitate the loading operations and tilt forwards in order to unload automatically in the trolley at the end of the cycle.
  • The machine tiltings and the door opening are pneumatically operated.
  • The gas models are provided with a burner with an adjustable flame. built according to the CE regulations in force.

Technical Data

Model E/200 E/250 E/300
Drum mm 1.750 mm 1.750 mm 1.750
Depth mm 1.620 mm 2.050 mm 2.450
Volume dm3 3.970 dm3 4.930 dm3 5.900
Steam heating Kg/h 350/400 Kg/h 450/500 Kg/h 550/600
Gas heating KCal/h 230.000 KCal/h 290.000 KCal/h 350.000


One year from the date of invoice

Product Review

"I want to buy 6 trivinta dryers on urgent bases model E/200 "

- Muhammad Asif, Private

Product Review

"Dear Sir/ madam, I want to buy "SS Heat Exchanger for Triveenta Dryer Model: E-200" 2 Pcs please quote"

- Rajib Ali, CEO

Product Review

"Please share it electrical controll diagram "

- Wa, Engineer

Product Review

"I am interested in buying used industrial dryer E 125 N and E200"

- Arman Katvalyan, Armenia

Product Review

"Steam Consumption of Triveneta 250PV Dryer..............????????????"

- Md Mehede Hasan, Sr. Engr.
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