"Provided with some digital electronic instruments "

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Industrial Dryer MOD. E/125 N

The machines are completely faired and provided with some safety devices according to the CE regulations in force


  • The dryers model E/125N are fixed and the door opening is manually operated.
  • AlI the models are provided with some digital electronic instruments for the control of the times and of the temperatures of the cycle.
  • The dryers model E/125R tilt forwards in order to unload automatically in the trolley at the end of the cycle.
  • The machine tilting and the door opening are pneumatically operated.
  • The models E/125 can be realized either with steam or with gas or diathermic oil heating.

Technical Data

Model E/125
Drum mm 1.455
Depth mm 1.450
Volume dm3 2.410
Steam heating Kg/h 230/250
Gas heating KCal/h 170.000
Electric heating KW 12


One year from the date of invoice

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