JUKI, Japan

JUKI, Japan is committed to Customers Satisfaction. In an effort to understand the needs of the customer,  JUKI manufactures the entire range of Sewing machines for Woven and Knit fabrics, Leather and Heavy Duty Machines and Automatics. JUKI is present all over the world and supports its customers through top quality products, parts and service. IIGM is among the top three Agent and Distributor,  across the world.

APW-895 & 896

APW-895 / Lockstitch, Automatic Welting Machine (for straight pockets with flaps)   ...

Application: Woven


Jeans Pocket Setter (Semi-automatic) ...

Application: Woven


Fully Automatic Pocket Setter for Jeans ...

Application: Woven


Automatic 1-Needle Belt-loop Attaching Machine Ability to solely sew seven different belt-loop sewing patterns! ...

Application: Woven


Automatic 2-Needle Belt-Loop Attaching Machine ...

Application: Woven


Computer-controlled, High-speed, Single-thread Chainstitch, Button-neck-wrapping Machine ...

Application: Woven


High-speed, Computer-controlled Buttonholing Indexer ...

Application: Woven

ASN-690 Series

It is a Super-high-speed Automatic Serging machine developed to achieve a simple structure and ease of use ...

Application: Woven

AE-200A Series

JUKI's unique material end control technique, the sewing machine joins materials with delicate and high-quality seams ...

Application: Woven


Computer-controlled Cycle Sewing Machine with Input Function (Name Embroidery type) ...

Application: Woven

AMS-210EN Series & AMS-221EN Series

Computer Controlled Cycle Machine with Input Function Sewing speed has been increased to 2800 sti/min which is the highes...

Application: Woven & Knits


Computer-controlled Cycle Machine with Input Function(for sewing jeans pocket) ...

Application: Woven

AMS-224EN Series

Computer-controlled Cycle Machine with Input Function ...

Application: Woven

Shape tacking machine LK-1910, LK-1920, LK-1930

Computer-controlled, High-speed Shape-tacking Machine [Sewing area: 60mm (L) X 100mm (W)] ...

Application: Woven

Shape tacking machine LK-1940 Series

Computer-controlled, Shape-tacking Machine with Full-rotary 3-fold Capacity Hook [Sewing area: 60mm (L) X 100mm (W)] LK-1...

Application: Woven/Leather


Computer-controlled, Dry-head, Lockstitch Sleeve Setting Machine with Multi-programming Device ...

Application: Woven


Computer-controlled cycle machine AMS-221F has achieved increased productivity with its maximum sewing speed of 2,800 sti/mi...

PS-800 Series

The dry head machine achieves max. speed 3,000sti/min with supporting various sewing and materials. ...

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