"Edge control seamer automatically produces beautiful "seams" on materials  "

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AE-200A Series

JUKI's unique material end control technique, the sewing machine joins materials with delicate and high-quality seams

AE-200ALA (Edge Control Seamer - Join materials type)

AE-200ALD (Edge Control Seamer - Pin tuck type)


  • High-quality joining of materials
  • Sewing data can be input and programmed with ease on the operation panel
  • The number of pieces of sewing data that can be stored in its memory is 99 at the maximum.One sewing pattern can be divided into 10 sections
  • The sewing machine is able to continuously carry out different processes such as joining the sides of right and left garment bodies and sewing the center of the back by means of the cycle function
  • Productivity is substantially increased :The operator is only required to place materials on the sewing machine. The sewing machine automatically and continuously sews the materials while aligning the materials' ends until the sewing end is reached
  • Work efficiency is substantially increased : To Approx 30 seconds (Net processing time)
  • Air-blow table provided
  • Bobbin winder provided
  • The sewing machine is applicable to the sewing of materials with different curves and different-in-kind materials


Technical Specifications

Model Name AE-200ALA Series AE-200ALD Series

Join materials type (medium-weight)

Pin tuck type
Machine head DLU-5498N-7 (exclusive machine head for AE-200A)
Sewing speed 200 - 3,500 sti/min
Max. stitch length 4mm
Max. top-feed amount 8mm
Lift of the presser foot 10mm
Sewing condition

(Seam allowance) 1-30mm

(Curve sewing) 100mmR or more

(Number of plies) Two or one

Compressed air 0.5MPa

Power requirement 

Power Consumption

Single, 3 Phase 200~240V/220W


One year from the date of invoice against any manufacturing defects


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