"Faster than any other shape-tacking machine anywhere in the world "

Purchase Protection Plan

Shape tacking machine LK-1910, LK-1920, LK-1930

Computer-controlled, High-speed Shape-tacking Machine [Sewing area: 60mm (L) X 100mm (W)]


LK-1920 (With intermediate presser)

LK-1930 (With intermediate presser and input function) 


  • Higher productivity :The machine runs at a sewing speed of 2,500sti/min.Fewer bobbin thread changes
  • The machine can use a wider range of thread counts than conventional machines
  • The machine has a wide sewing area : 60mm(L) by 100mm(W)
  • Improved responsiveness and operability
  • Fully equipped easy-to-use operation panel,with its automatic correction feature,the machine can enlarge/reduce patterns without deforming them
  • Intermediate presser that securely clamps the material [LK-1920, 1930].Its prevents the material from flopping,thereby promising beautiful seams
  • Higher lift of the presser foot.The machine ensures easy placement of heavy-weight materials
  • Two different feeding frame types are prepared.Monolithic type(Magnet-driven) and the separately driven type(Pneumatic-driven)
  • The machine head is designed for improved operability
  • Upgraded responsiveness,low vibration,and low noise creates a comfortable workplace.


Technical Specifications


One year from the date of invoice against any manufacturing defects

Product Review

"Pl provide the price details and options manual and programmable"

- Prasad, QA Manager
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