"It is best for folding fabric with stripe or check "

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Vacuum Folding and Ironing Machine NS-5504

Vacuum Folding and Ironing Machine


  • Suitable for folding and ironing triangular sleeve placket, patch placket, polo placket, triangular front placket, triangular label and square label etc.
  • Laser marker for assisting aligning and positioning, it is best for folding fabric with stripe or check.
  • Automatic material collecting in front of the operator, easy to collect the material
  • It is easy to replace the lower mould and it is available to install different sized or different type of lower mould
  • The equipped mould could fold a triangular sleeve placket of 1" in width; special ordered mould could fold the triangular sleeve placket width between 3/4" ~ 1 1/4" (customer should specify it while placing an order)

Technical Specifications

Model NS-5504
Power Supply 3PH/380V/50Hz
Total Power (kW) 7.8
Compressed air pressure (kgf/cm2) 5
Output (for triangular sleeve placket (pair/hr) 135~185
Compressed air consumption (L/min) 95
Machine size (mm) 1310x1205x1710

Machine Drawing

Product Review

"Will like to know if there is flexibility in producing the mould, as we can have many different shapes"

- Bernardo, Producer
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