"Designed for fusing in low pressure and low temperature interlinings "

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Sleeve Placket Crease NS-2410

Designed for fusing, low pressure, low temperature interlinings for best results with adjustable components for different needs.


  • Designed for fusing low pressure, low temperature interlining such as waist band, tri angular sleeve placket, blouse collar and sleeves, etc.
  • Working width is 400mm
  • Max. temperature is 200ºC
  • Automatic conveyor belt balance system, roller conveyor belt design, easy to operate and result is good
  • The space between the front roller and the center shaft could be adjusted, can add different pocket mould and folders for folding and pressing

Technical Specifiactions

Technical Specifications - NS-2410
Power Supply 1PH/220V/50Hz
Heater Power (kW) 2.5
Max. Design Temp. (ºC) 200
Net Weight (kg) 102
Gross Weight (kg) 142
Machine Size (mm) 850x620x600
Packing size (mm) 970x750x760

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"Hi Please send us the quotation of Sleeve Placket Fusing machine. "

- Prithvi Raj M V, ADMIN MANAGER
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