"Best in class ironing table for stability and long term usage  "

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Vacuum Ironing Table NS-3500 / NS-3543

NS-3500 / NS-3543  Vacuum Ironing Table with and with-out buck / swing arm.

Key Features:
  • Universal ironing table for general garments
  • Easy and fast operation, small occupation area and adjustable table height
  • High quality fan, powerful vacuuming function and instant start and stop action
  • Use heat resisting cloth and spongy foam felt • Multidirectional air exhaust groove, easy to set air exhaust vent
  • Of combination design, convenient to operate and easy to install
  • NS-3500 series platform operation fits for shirts and knitted garments
  • NS-3520 series has one buck, fit for hanging garments
  • NS-3541 has two bucks
  • Could purchase another air exhaust groove instead to create good working condition and improve working efficiency
  • Could also purchase heat resisting cloth and double layer stand to work together
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