"NS-650U Shirt folding table comes equipped for all types of folding "

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Shirt Folding Table NS - 650U

NS-650U is the most reliable shirt folding table and comes with full warranty and IIGM Service packages

Unique features:

  • Suitable for industrial shirt folding 
  • Adopt fixing folding plate to standardize the size of every piece of folded shirt
  • Button guide keeps button always on the center line in order to get a balance finish, working together with a shirt fixing scale for high efficiency
  • With adjustable height and gradient of machine table, suitable for different operators 
  • The size of collar creasing mould could be adjusted depending on the size of collars, so the folded shirt has a more beautiful three-dimensional effect 
  • Easy and fast operation, small occupation area and good folding effect, etc. 

NOTE: Optional Part: A632 flexible folding plate ( its size is expandable, suitable for different sized shirts)

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