"Can press 2/3 of one piece of collar and makes the collar be more beautiful "

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Collar Creasing Machine NS-8249-D

Double Hot and Cool Head Collar Creasing Machine


  • Crease collar to be round and smooth so as to increase pressing department efficiency and enhance packing quality
  • Can press 2/3 of one piece of collar and makes the collar be more beautiful
  • The left and right moulds could be operated by one person at the same time, which saves labor and improves work efficiency
  • greatly
  • Cold head and hot head automatic displacement design for hot pressing and immediately cooling down & shaping so as to ensure a perfect creasing result and double the work efficiency
  • PLC and user friendly touch screen control
  • Digital thermostats for more accurate temperature control

Technical Specifications

Model NS-8249-D
Power Supply 1PH/220V/50Hz
Heater (kW) 2
Cooling Device (kW) 0.4
Compressed air pressure (kgf/cm²) 5
Compressed air consumption (L/min) 100
Machine size (mm) 980x800x1700

Product Review

"Berapa harga mesin ini? Dan lokasinya dimana saya dari indonesia dimana saya bisa mendapatkan nya ??"

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