"3D dynamic CO2 laser marking machine "

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XXP Series

XXP series model integrates multiple innovation optical technology from GBOS, it’s a leading three-dimensional dynamic CO2 laser marking system in the field. It adopts with digital optical scan technique, which with transcendent fast speed, high precision, large-scale cutting engraving function, but humanized easy operation method.


  • Red light preview
  • Large working area, maximum 600*600mm
  • Speed increased up 20%
  • Germany ROFIN CO2 laser generator, lifetime about 20000 hours
  • Small light spot, strong power, increased up 15%
  • Continuously work
  • Compact structure, easy operation( the processing area is adjustable)
  • Three Axis dynamic focusing system(Three-dimensional dynamic marking system)

Technical Specifications:

Model XXP-3 XXP-4
Laser Tube type (10.6um) metal sealed RF CO2 laser generator
Cooling Method No coagulate front water cooling
Standard Power 135W/230W
Power Range 0-165W 0-280W
Working area 300x300mm ~ 600x600mm 600x600mm ~ 1000x1000mm
Gross Power 3000W 4500W
Weight  160kg 485kg
Diemnsion 941mmx752mmx1500mm 1600mmx950mmx1700mm
Environmental requirements Temperature 15-30℃
Humidity(no condensation)30-80%
System/ compatible format Windows XP/7AI , PLT , DXF , DST , BMP , JPG , JPEG , PNA , TIF.


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