"Camera-oriented laser cutting machine "

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CCD Series

CCD series model adopts with advanced camera optical identify system, which can perfectly replace the traditional hand cutting, to achieve the higher precision and faster speed cutting function, especially used for kinds of non-metal labels batch production.


This series model is widely applied since appeared in the market, with our continuous further research and customer’s precious suggestion, GBOS keep improving the perfection. Now, the whole upgraded machine will redefine the market with its perfect function.


  • Cut any size of label 

  • Normal cutting function

  • Auto select defective products 

  • Colored Camera(/C Optional) 

  • Multi-design concurrent positioning cutting(/C Optional)

  • Any angle is identifiable

  • Advanced optical identify system

Technical Specifications: 

Model GN1080CCD   GN1080CCD-AT    GNM1081CCD GH1260CCD
Processing Area 850mmx600mm 1200mmx600mm
Gross Power 1kW
Measurement (LXHXW) 1900mmx1150mmx1130mm 2700mmx1150mmx1130mm 1940mmx1320mmx1170mm
System/compatible format  Windows XP/7,AI ,PLT,DXF ,DST,BMP NC.
Power Supply


50Hz or 60Hz

Environmental Requirements      Temperature 10-30℃
Humidity(no condensation)30-80%
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