"CO2 non-metal laser marking machine "

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GB Series

CO2 non-metal laser marking machine adopts scanning with high speed vibrating lens and high quality import laser tube, marking with high accuracy and high-speed, working stability and easy operation. High accurate ascending and descending working table to mark clearly for a long time.

Control software adopts WINDOWS. It is compatible with documents which are from various kinds of illustrated software such as Coreldraw /AutoCAD and so on. It can work out all kinds of letterform and bar code marking, supporting all kinds of letterform, for example, PLT, PXC, KXF and so on, directly use SHX, TTF. Coding, printing sequence number, date and so on.


  • Maximum engraving area 300mmX300mm
  • High speed vibrating scanner
  • American CO2 RF laser generator

Technical Specifications: 

Model GB30A GB60A GB100A
Laser tube type CO2 RF Laser
Cooling Method Air/Water cooling
Max Laser power 30W 60W 100W
Engraving depth ≤3mm ≤5mm ≤5mm
Dimensions (LXWXH) Optical system: 1245mmx180mmx300mm Optical system: 1770mmx200mmx245mm Optical system: 1770mmx200mmx245mm
Controlling system: 671mmx555mmx821mm Controlling system: 671mmx555mmx821mm Controlling system: 671mmx555mmx821mm
Cooling system: 700mmx400mmx700mm Cooling system: 700mmx400mmx700mm
Power Supply 220V,50Hz/60Hz,20A
Environmental Requirements Temperature 15-30℃
Humidity(no condensation)30-80%


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