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Gerber Label ID

Cut to the Chase with Fast
Identification of Cut Parts

Save money:

The Label ID automatically applies up to 18 labels per minute using inexpensive, off the shelf, adhesive backed labels. This eliminates the cost of plotting as well as the
associated labor.

Minimize errors :

The Label ID contains all piece identification information necessary to reduce errors during bundling and is applied based on Cut Ticket instructions from the CAD system.
Labels remain affixed to cut parts as they are transported to the sewing area thereby minimizing errors in the assembly process.

Maximize cutter throughput :

Since labeling occurs during the spreading process rather than during cutting, the Label ID eliminates any potential bottlenecks at the cutter and optimizes cut room efficiency.

Enjoy ultimate flexibility :

Label ID gives operators the choice to apply labels on the top ply of the finished spread, the intermediate plies for mixed color spreads, or the underlay paper during both one-way and face-toface
spreading operations.


Product Specifications:
System Components.

Supported Spreaders
• GERBERspreader™ XLs 50 and XLs 125 spreaders
• 180 cm (72 in.), 200 cm (80 in.), 220 cm, 240 cm
• Left-side operation only

Printing Device
• Label size: 2.5 X 5.0 cm (1 x 2 in.)
• Thermal dot matrix: 8 dots/mn (200 dpi)
• Rotation of labels in 1.2° increments
• Label application up to 18 labels per minute
• Uses standard labels available from Gerber or other qualified sources Software included
• Label ID Software
• Cut Ticket Workflow Software

System capabilities.
Labeling Modes

  • On top ply of a multi-ply spread
  • On one or more intermediate plies of a multi-ply spread
  • On each individual ply
  • On underlay paper
  • Face-to-face with or without end catcher and one-way spreading supported

Print Label Types

  • Origi Label- target and cut information
  • Piece label – operator defined information
  • End of Marker label – target and market length
  • Cut Ticket label – material and Cut Ticket information for cutter operator

Software features.
Gerber Cut Ticket Software

  • Enhances XLs spreader functionality by automating spreader setup to execute spread jobs

o Interfaces label data to Label ID Software
o Sets spread length based on Cut Ticket file information
o Sets number of plies in a spread job
o Imports splice points from AccuMark® generated Cut Tickets

  • Labels spread with cutting information for barcode job loading of Paragon® cutter

Label ID Software

  • Converts information from standard Gerber Cut Ticket file into printed information

o Marker data includes: Name, Description, Order Number, Order Description, Length, Width
o Piece data includes: Name, Description, Category, Size, Bundle ID, Model Name, Left/Right, Sequence Number
o Additional data available: File Name, Current Time, Current Date

  • Provides a variety of formatting options

o Supported text attributes include: bold, 16 or 24 dot high font, double height or width font, graphic font, underlined, reverse print
o Font size 16–7 lines per label, 30 characters max
o Font size 24–6 lines per label, 21 characters max
o Maximum marker name limit of 11 characters (Cut Ticket name)

  • Supported barcode formats include: CODE 39, Interleaved 2 of 5, Codabar and others
  • Controls rotation and location of label placement on cut parts
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