"GERBERspreader XLs offers tension-free, automated material spreading "

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GERBERspreader XLs 50-125

An automated spreading system for apparel production


The GERBERspreader™ XLs is an affordable automated spreading solution that ensures material rolls are spread without tension and the edges are aligned perfectly. Available in 50 kg (110 lb) and 125 kg (276 lb) models, the XLs is ideal for a wide range of material applications.


Optimize material utilization.

The GERBERspreader XLs system accurately aligns fabric edges so users can nest parts closer to the beginning, end and edges of the spread, eliminating end loss and optimizing material utilization.

Choose the flexible solution.

The GERBERspreader XLs system spreads woven or knit materials from either rolls or flat folded packs. Optional end catcher device accommodates face up one way or face-to-face (zigzag) spreading.

Loading and unloading is simple.

The fabric roll cradle feed system tilts automatically for easy material loading and unloading. The GERBERspreader XLs system features an intuitive, icon-driven user interface.

Technical specifications :

  XLs 50 XLs 125
Material width 180,200,240cm (72,78.7,94.5 in) 160,180,200,220 cm(63,72,79,87in)
Roll Weight (maximum) 50kg (110lbs) 125kg(276lbs)
Spread Height(maximum) 40cm(16in) 65cm(26in)
Spreader Speed(maximum per min) 100m (109yds) 100m(109yds)
Loading Height over table top 36cm(14in) 44cm(17in)
Total height over table top 80cm(32in) 82cm(32in)
Table width Machine width + 20cm(+8in) Machine width +20cm(+8in)
Power supply 1x220-240v/3x220-240v/3x380-415v 1x220-240v/3x220-240v/3x380-415v
Main fuse 16Amp 16Amp

Product Review

"Good "

- Md shobuj, Spreader oporetar

Product Review

"Hi, we are looking for fabric spreader 72” width One spreader and two tables of 14.2 meters "

- Ayush Jain, Director

Product Review

"hello, can u send me the offer of this spreading machine? king regards"

- irakli, spreading machine

Product Review

"Please .I am interested spreaders buy Indian price"

- Farman, Jacket

Product Review

"1 machine"

- Arun fab, India

Product Review

"bonjour, puis-je avoir le pris du gerger spreader XLs50 et XLs125"

- Diomande, XLs50 et XLs125

Product Review

"Please I want this machine price? XLS 125SPREADER THANK YOU "

- horacio resendiz, usa

Product Review

"Hi sir i want this machine price"

- Sunil bhole, Shirt manufaculer
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