• GERBER cutter Z1

"GERBERcutter Z1 helps you optimize your material processing workflow.  "

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Gerber Cutter Z 1

The next generation computerized fabric cutting machine uses an automated cutting system. The GERBER cutter Z1 is a perfect solution for single- and low-ply cutting of challenging composite materials for aerospace applications.


Optimize your workflow. 

Comprehensive reports help you take control of your business. Analyze system throughput, material yield, processing times, individual job statistics and more. Discover opportunities to make cutter operators more efficient and to optimize your cutting process.

Easy to use interface improves productivity. 

The GERBERcutter Z1 has a simple and intuitive user interface making the workflow process easy to follow even for a novice. This will improve productivity while reducing errors and training time.

Expandability simplified.

The GERBERcutter Z1 is built upon a new distributed control system, the foundation upon which many powerful options like inkjet-printed part identification can be added.

Energy efficient. 

Designed for maximum efficiency, the Z1 comes equipped with an intelligent variable vacuum regulator. The system regulates the vacuum according to the task at hand – even minimizing vacuum and power consumption when the cutter is idle.

Product Review

"I want clothes cutting machine "

- Sumitra, House wife

Product Review


- Mercado Enmanuel, cad

Product Review

"Dear sir We wish to purchase Automatic cutting machine for Glass & Carbon fibre fabric. to preparae project report, we request approximate cost of the machine with all table with conveyer belt, back side material loading device etc."

- Arunachalam Radhakrishnan, General Manager

Product Review

"Please send me machine lacer cutting for Roller blinds fabric "

- harikumar vasudeva panicker, Manager production

Product Review

"We are very upcomming manufacturing unit and we are looking for automation solutions at various levels of production. We want solution for cutting fabric in bulk, Press Packaging. Look forward for your broucher with costing. Best Regards"

- Praphhull Srivastav, Production

Product Review

"Prise product??"

- Sourav shee, Manufacturer

Product Review

"Can this be customised for multiple layers of denim??"

- Khatri Om, Unemployed

Product Review

"I request please call and say prise this machine ..I have purchased this machine"

- Ajay gohel, Gerber cutter z1

Product Review

"Product Detail "

- Arihant Jain, Owner
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