""The ideal cutting system for samples and prototypes" "

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GERBERcutter DCS 1500

A compact, high-speed, single- or low-ply static table cutting system designed to cut a wide variety of materials. The system is most suited to cutting samples and prototypes or for short production runs.


Get up and running quickly

Because the GERBERcutter® DCS 1500 is highly intuitive, the transition from manual cutting is easy. The system has a small footprint so it occupies minimal floor space and is typically installed in only one day.

Cut with unmatched precision

The DCS 1500 uses a powerful vacuum system to hold material firmly in place during cutting to ensure quality cut parts.

Save time and money

Single-ply cutting enables you to cut to order so you reduce work in process and shorten lead times.

Technical Specification:

Fabric height   Single-ply
Cutting Speed (maximum) 1,1 m/second 45 in/second
Machine Dimensions 2,44 x 2,03 m 96 x 80 in
  2,44 x 2,36 m 96 x 93 in
Cutting Area 1,52 x 1,47 m 60 x 57.77 in
  1,52 x 1,80 m 60 x 70.77 in
Table heights 0,84 or 0,86 m 33 or 34 in
Electrical Requirements    
Control and Drive System 110V @ 20 amps or 220V @ 10 amps, single phase  
Table Vacuum 220V 50Hz 16A rated/112A start up  
  115V 60Hz 29A rated/172A start up  
  208/230V 60Hz - 15A rated/95-86A start up  
Compressed Air 5,5 - 8,3 bar @ 14 liters/min 80 - 120 PSI @0.5 SCFM
Operating Environment    
Temperature (maximum) 43 Celsius 110 Fahrenheit
Humidity (maximum) 95% (non condensing)  
Vacuum System 760m above sea level 2.500 above sea level

Product Review

"I need fabric laser cutting machine for flower making "

- Bala Kishore, Ceo

Product Review

"Hi i want automatic fabric cutting machine can you provide. These machine can you transport to India "

- Bathini Jyotsna, MBA

Product Review

"Can plz suggest any laser cutting machine for my tailoring firm"

- Ravi Lalwani, Tailor

Product Review

"Need details about fabric cutting machines. Please send an online catalogue "

- Gautam Miglani, Marketing Director

Product Review

"Sir, I need fabric cutting Mechine ( car seat cover production purposes), using Rexine and fabric."

- Saleem ali, Director

Product Review

"Dear sir, please send price Gerber Dc 1500 price in india "

- Pravin oswal, Leon sports

Product Review

"I want to buy this machine , can you give me quotation for same"

- riken, founder
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