"Basic sewing machine equipped to sew heavy-weight materials"

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1 needle,Top & Bottom Feed,Lockstitch Machine

DU-141NH (With a double-capacity hook)

DU-141H-7 (With a double-capacity hook and an automatic trimmer)


  • With its unique thread take-up mechanism,feed mechanism,and hook,the machine feeds difficult-to-feed materials and multi-layered portions of material with great precision.
  • The presser foot can be pushed up as high as 15 mm using the knee lifter
  • The stitch length is adjusted in the range of 0 to 9mm both in the normal and reverse directions by operating the stitch dial.
  • Frequency of the bobbin thread replacement has been reduced

DU-141H-7 (Double-capacity hook)

  • Thread trimmer cuts a thread sharp without fail
  • Automatic reverse feed function


Technical Specifications

Model Name  DU-140 DU-141NH DU-141H-7
Type     With an automatic thread trimmer
Max. sewing speed  2000sti/min  
Stitch Length  9mm (forward/backward)  
Needle bar stroke  35mm 37mm
Lift of the presser foot  By hand: 7mm, By knee: 15mm By hand: 6mm, By knee: 15mm
Thread take-up  Link Type
Alternating vertical movement  2~5mm
Hook  Horizontal-axis full-rotary hook  Horizontal-axis full-rotary double-capacity hook
Needle  DB X 1(DP X 17) #14~#23(standard #21) DB X 1(DP X 17) #20~#23(standard #21)
Thread  #40~#8
Lubrication  Automatic
Free space for sewing  265mm 270mm
Weight of the machine head 32kg 34kg
Bed Size 477mmx178mm
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