XCEL, India

A professional Indian manufacturing company headed by experienced & highly qualified people is associated with the industry since 1994 to provide strategic solutions for setting up garment factories, hospitals, hotels & commercial laundries.

WS 100, Top loading washing machine

WS 15,30,60,100,200 is a Top Loading Industrial Washing Machine ...

Application: for washing

WF 65 Washer Extractor

WF 15, 35, 65, 120 Front Loading Normal Spin Washer Exctractor ...

Application: Washing & Extraction

WE 60, Washer Extractor

WE 30, 60 High Spin Washer Extractor with 380 G-force The most versatile version fo washer extractor from European associ...

Application: Washing & Extraction

XL 30, Washer Extractor Dryer

XL 08, 15, 30 High Spin Washer Extractor Dryer XCEL with its continuous innovation, strong R&D introduces one of its ...

Application: Washing, Extraction & Drying